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Canada Research Chairs Program at the University of Prince Edward Island

Current Chairs

Every two years, the Canada Research Chairs Program performs an allocation review. Visit the results of the 2020 Chair Allocation for UPEI.

Vacant Canada Research Chairs

  • NSERC #61
  • Special #1882
  • Special #1183
  • Special #1184

Flex moves available: 5
Flex moved utilized: 0

Past Canada Research Chairs

  • Dr. Russell Kerr, Tier 1 
  • Dr. Crawford Revie, Tier 2
  • Dr. Sophie St-Hilaire, Tier 2
  • Dr. Kate Tilleczek, Tier 1, Tier 2
  • Dr. Michael Van Den Heuvel, Tier 2
  • Dr. William Whelan, Tier 2
  • Dr. Godfrey Baldacchino, Tier 2
  • Dr. Cai Song, Tier 2
  • Dr. Alastair Cribb, Tier 2
  • Dr. Frank Berthe, Tier 2

Current Chair Recruitment Postings

  • none

Archived Chair Past Recruitment Postings

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Public Accountability, and Transparency 


Several actions have been taken to address the underrepresentation of people from four designated groups (women, Indigenous people, persons with disability, and members of visible minorities) within the Canada Research Chairs Program. 

The Canada Research Chairs Program was the subject of a 2006 Canadian Human Rights Settlement Agreement, as a result of a complaint that was filed against the programme in 2003. Following a collaborative mediation process in 2017. A 2019 Addendum outlines update terms of the original settlement agreement. For further information, see the CRCP's Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Practices page.

For further information, see the CRCP's Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Practices page.

Our Commitment


Institutional EDI Action Plan for Canada Research Chairs

UPEI一直经营与公平性,多样性,以及加拿大研究椅子列入行动计划。以前的版本是在2018年12月更新,对计划的进展报告提交时间。在2019年11月UPEI重新审查该计划,并发布了一个更新和改进 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Action Plan.

Raising Awareness of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion


UPEI also has a Joint Equity Committee comprised of members from the Faculty Association and the UPEI administration. The committee provides a forum for sharing information, generating discussion and fostering collaboration on matters related to the policies and procedures for equity related matters and to ensure that training on any such equity related policies, procedures and practices is provided to committees considering selection, renewal, tenure/permanency and promotion at UPEI.   The CRCs at UPEI will benefit from this institutional committee and its work. Chairs at UPEI fall under the Faculty Collective Agreement and are protected under Article A-7 which addresses Non-Discrimination. 

艺术的UPEI的教师有一个公平和包容的网站,在那里UPEI教师,职员,学生可以共享有关公平和包容性做法的信息和资源,并邀请参加对话和接触,以了解这些重要问题的地方。在公平,多样性和包容性的培训提供给CRC搜索委员会成员。他们是 required to complete and declare they have completed EDI training prior to participating in any aspect of a CRC search. UPEI continues to explore more advanced training in this area for CRC search committees.

Additional information about equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives related to the Canada Research Chairs Programme can be found in our institutional action plan.

Governance for CRCs EDI Action Plan

UPEI is committed to providing an environment that affirms and promotes the dignity of human beings of diverse backgrounds and needs. 

The UPEI CRC EDI Action Plan is approved and administered by the University's VicePresident Academic and Research. The Vice-President Academic and Research is responsible for reviewing the plan with key stakeholders throughout the University community on a regular basis.

Equity Targets at UPEI

To see the CRCP’s statistics on chair allocations, visit CRCP’s Program Statistics. For more information regarding the UPEI equity targets, see our Action Plan.  

During a CRC search at UPEI, applicants are asked to complete an optional self-identification form. This information is confidential and used internally to help UPEI ascertain if a broad audience is being reached and to help plan future searches. 

Managing CRC Positions at UPEI


UPEI follows the Requirements for Recruiting and Nominating Canada Research Chairs. The selection of priority areas for Canada Research Chair position theme and research disciplines is the responsibility of a committee consisting of the Vice-President Academic and Research, Deans from each Faculty including the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, and the University Librarian. The committee reviews the areas proposed by Faculties to identify best fit with institutional priorities, the UPEI Strategic Research Plan, and the diversity expectations of potential applicant pool. The recommendations are reviewed by University Senior Management, who authorizes the decision to proceed with a search. The Vice President Academic and Research as Chair of the Application Review Committee (ARC) will be responsible for ensuring that the CRC requirements are met throughout the process. Following this decision and the process outlined in the Faculty Association #1 Collective Agreement, including the Letter of Understanding #2 Re: Canada Research Chairs.  


The Committee will consider the requirement from CRC for UPEI to meet and/or sustain the current equity and diversity targets. They also consider locations for sharing advertisement or practices for which could expand the pool to more women, persons with disabilities, Indigenous persons, visible minorities, and other disadvantaged groups. The committee makes recommendations on optimizing the institution’s chair allocations using the corridor of flexibility provided by the CRC Secretariat. Decisions on selection are made by the Application Review Committee with approval of the University’s senior management.

The University acknowledges the potential impact that Career Interruptions and Personal Circumstances can have on an applicant’s record of research achievement. Measures are taken to ensure that individuals are not disadvantaged when applying for a position in cases where they have career gaps due to parental or health related leaves or for the care and nurturing of family members. All job competitions provide this information and indicate that careful consideration will be given to this issue during the evaluation process. The internal processes provide guidance to staff on determining eligibility, taking career interruptions and personal circumstances into consideration, and reaching out to the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer for advice in individual cases. More information on this process in an individual competition can be obtained by contacting UPEI Research Services Office at  

The Application Review Committee works with the Vice President Academic and Research to determine financial and institutional contributions.  UPEI is in the process of developing a guide to direct the University through this process, with established and standardized support provided to a Canada Research Chair, differentiated by discipline, with ranges for each kind of support, to reduce the impact of negotiation by individual chairholders. This will indicate the levels of support to be provided to Chairholders.  UPEI will also provide new Canada Research Chairs with a resources bank package (tailored by discipline) indicating who can provide guidance and/or support on a range of relevant internal or external information or opportunities.  This will help ensure that there is no disadvantage for access resources when they start their position.  


A CRC position is only filled without a competition in very exceptional circumstances. This would only be done through the CRCP Emergency Retention mechanism. If relied upon UPEI will post a statement on this website to explain: the intention to nominate an individual using the emergency retention mechanism; the detailed justification explaining why the emergency retention mechanism is being used (without disclosing the nominee’s personal information); confirmation that the university’s equity and diversity targets have been taken into consideration in the decision; the name and contact information of the senior level university official who has approved the decision; and the name and contact information of a university representative who can respond to questions or concerns regarding the nomination. UPEI has not had any postings that are strictly internal during the reporting period. All have been open to external recruitment.

Contact Information and Resources for CRC EDI Complaints

The Vice-President Academic and Research is responsible to ensure the CRC Equity Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan is applied to current and future Chairs.

Questions, concerns or complaints relating to the CRC EDI Action Plan or any activities associated with this plan should be made to the Vice-President Academic and Research:

Dr. Katherine Gottschall-Pass (Interim)
Vice-President Academic and Research
Kelley Memorial Building
550 University Avenue
Charlottetown, PEI, Canada C1A 4P3
Telephone: 902 566 0561

Another confidential option for asking a question, expressing a concern or making a complaint is to contact the UPEI Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer as follows:

Patti Wheatley Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Kelley Memorial Building
550 University Avenue
Charlottetown, PEI, Canada C1A 4P3
Telephone: 902 894.2840

Questions, concerns or complaints are treated in strict confidence.



The UPEI Fair Treatment Policy falls under the office of the Vice-President Administration and Finance. The Vice-President Administration and Finance can be contacted as follows:

Jackie Podger
Vice-President Administration and Finance
Kelley Memorial Building|
550 University Avenue
Charlottetown, PEI, Canada C1A 4P3
Telephone: 902 566 0623

There are a number of resources related to fair treatment available to faculty, staff, and students, including Canada Research Chairs.

Other contacts and resources include: 

CRCs are members of the UPEI Faculty Association (UPEIFA) and have the option of contacting the UPEIFA at any time for support. This said, the University may have no role or even be aware of, communications between union members and their union. 

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